Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Anyone Out There?

So many of you have verbally said that you have visited my blog, and you've had some thoughts or comments to share... feel free to post your comments!

I would love to know you've been here, so feel free to drop me a line. It makes it more fun for everyone, really.


Your Brother From The Same Mother said...

Let's hear more about Uncle Rob! He's funny.

Alli Dunham said...

I agree. I mean, did you see that face on the video. Funny guy, that Uncle Rob.

Polly said...

But, enough about Uncle Rob. Nothing like a terrific grandma to spice up a toddler's day.

I love what you write, Trish. Keep it coming.

Tricia said...

See? Isn't this fun? Just what I wanted: some good ol' comments to spice things up.

Way to follow through. My applause to all of you.