Friday, September 28, 2007

Wanted: Good Books

I love a good book. I am presently reading The Mirror, a recommendation from a friend of mine. It's a good one! I highly recommend it to any of you fellow readers out there. Very different from anything I've read, and I cannot put it down...except that I have to. Sometimes runny noses and dirty diapers take priority, even over a good book.

And what might you recommend to me?


Your Brother From The Same Mother said...

Well, I forgot if I asked you this already, but have you read Blue Like Jazz? It's the only book I have finished, read cover to cover...ever. So, that should say something. :-)

Tricia said...

That does indeed say something, for it to keep your interest so completely. I have read parts of it, and I enjoyed it... I should borrow it from the library again and pick up from where I left off when I had to return it.

Thanks, Rob. And extra points for being the first person to give me a book recommendation!