Tuesday, June 2, 2009

She asked for it.

My mom is stellar in the Grandparent Department.

She went to the park with us yesterday, and she ran almost as much as the boys did. When the boys were bored with the playground, dizzy from the spinning bucket, done climbing across the monkey bars, finished with the merry-go-round, and just short of traipsing through the fountain, she enticed them to turn on their imaginations and join her in an animal parade.

They galloped like horses. They waved their elephant trunks in the air. They roared like lions, kicked like donkeys, and strutted like peacocks.

Looking for inspiration for the next round, she asked Tuck, "What would Molly do if she were here?"

(Molly is our Chocolate Lab.)

Tucker thought. And he thought.

Then he said, "Oh! She would do this!" He marched over to my mom, pulled her face down to his level, and licked her - from chin to forehead.

Nobody could argue: that is precisely what Molly would do!

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Alli said...

That is incredibly adorable, T. a-dorable.