Sunday, May 2, 2010

Love Notes

Dear Tucker and Tyler,

My goodness, I love you.

Tucker, I love your careful, linear thinking, your problem solving, and your great ideas. I love the freckles on your nose, the cowlick that matches mine, and your sturdy little body that is solid as a rock. I love how gentle you are with children, how careful you are with your brother, and how eager you are to try new things. I love that you can make me think. I love your thankful spirit. I love your caution and your humor, and I love the budding character that is beginning to take root. May you forever be kind, confident, and careful, my precious firstborn.

You are one great kid.

Tyler, I love your silly, random thoughts, your mind that never, ever stops going. I love that you make me laugh, every single day. I love your ideas, your jokes, your tricks, and your fearlessness. I love that you love people, that you're ready for a party, that your hypersocial tendencies can only come from me. I love that you love books. I love the freckles on your nose, your sweeping eyelashes, your straight, red hair, that cowlick that matches mine, and those irresistible dimples. I love that nothing, ever, slows you down. May you always be so resilient and courageous, my sweet second boy.

You are one great kid.

I love learning you both.

I think I could never possibly tell you how much I love you, but I'm pretty sure I'll spend the rest of my life trying.

I know I could never pray quite enough for you, and the thought of asking God for all the things I desire for you is nearly paralyzing to me and my prayer life. Still, I'm absolutely sure I'll spend the rest of my life trying.

You are the best things that ever, ever happened to me. I wouldn't trade you for all the little girls in the world, and I wouldn't trade a single day with you for a million days with anyone else.

I love being your mom. And don't you forget it.

Eskimo kisses and big bear hugs,



Melody said...

That's pretty sweet considering neither of your boys will ever be president! :)
I love your boys too!

The Hutfilz Family said...

Oh Tricia,
This made me cry. I can only hope to be this kind of Mom to my child.
Thank you for sharing!