Thursday, April 30, 2009

Let the Record Show.

Let the record show:

At age 3 1/2, Tucker placed himself in the path of danger, stepping between his little brother and another child whom Tuck perceived to be a bully.

At the McDonald's Playland (shortly before the mishap with vomit), a little guy approached Tyler. He was Tyler's size, and they had precisely the same hair color. He looked more like Tyler's brother than Tucker does. He was interested in something on Tyler's shirt, so he took Tyler by the shoulders to get a closer look.

Let me clarify: I was standing very nearby. I was watching. Nobody was in danger. But Tucker was not convinced. He would have none of this. Without whining, complaining, hitting, biting, or yelling, he simply stepped in. A few inches taller than this other little boy, Tucker simply made his presence known.

The little guy moved on, and my children went back to playing. No harm, no foul.

A few minutes later, Tyler was seated at the bottom of the slide. Tucker, in his aged awareness, saw a crowd of children rushing to the bottom of the slide. Quickly and gently, he scooped Tyler off the slide and placed him carefully on the ground. And just in time - he would have gotten plowed, for sure.

Tucker was so gentle about it, and Tyler didn't even realize he had intervened. Because, bless his heart, Tyler never wishes to be rescued.

Let the record show, ladies and gentlemen. I think I am raising two little buddies.

(And please remind me of this blog post, when they are no longer interested in search and rescue, when kindness loses to selfishness. At least this time, on that day, Tucker was the hero.)

Way to go, Tuck.

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