Friday, September 11, 2009

Two New Friends

On the evening of Tucker's fourth birthday, we enjoyed our first adventure to Build A Bear.

So many choices. Tucker chose a panda, and Tyler chose a scruffy teddy bear.

The stuffing machine was a little too loud for Tuck.

Here, he's making a birthday wish on the heart just before it's implanted in the new Panda.
I prompted him to wish for world peace or literacy for all.
He asked for great presents.
Fair enough, kiddo. :)

Bath time.

And now it was time to name them.

Tucker named his Panda "Dennis."

And Tyler, well, Tyler named his teddy bear "Bummy."

Yep. Bummy.

I hope the bear and the name travel with him for a good long time.

Birth Certificates, please.
The proud parents of Dennis and Bummy.

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my3boys said...

I love a Build A Bear box almost as much as I love a Crate and Barrel box!