Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just One Day a Year

Poor guy.

He's crying over his fruity Cheerios . . . because it's not his birthday.

His strongest fighting words have been, "Stop it, Tyler. It's not your birthday." As if it is still his, and as if any behavior is permissible when 'it's your birthday.' So, we needed to have a lengthy conversation this morning. No, it's not Tyler's birthday. But no, it's not Tucker's birthday anymore either. One day a year, kiddo. And it happened . . . last week.

Hence, buckets of tears. And even a pointed finger, if you look closely.

(He comes by it honestly, since his mother claims all of July.)

Sorry, Tuck. We can start a paper chain, if you want to.
359 links to go.

1 comment:

eb said...

I think I see some spilled milk there, too. Poor guy.