Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Budding Thespian

Tucker has been assigned his first dramatic role: he will be the cow in the preschool Christmas program. And I'm sure it's a leading role. You pretty much can't tell the Christmas story without the cow.

He even has a line: "I see Mary and a tiny baby."

My brother, highly experienced with live theater and entertainment, is thrilled that Tucker will make his debut onto the stage. He reminded me: "An actor's first task is to be heard."

Ah. Projection. Yes. We'll work on that. And if I'm not careful, my son will be the yelling cow in the Christmas play.

(Uncle Rob says, "Yes, but he will be heard.")

So, we've been practicing his line. But so far he doesn't have it quite straight. He has said:

"I see my eye with a baby."
"I see a lizard and her baby."
"I see a marigold and a lizard baby."

How a lizard worked its way into his framework, I'm unsure. But we'll keep practicing.


Polly said...

Yet I feel compelled to point out that at this point just two short years ago, if that little non-talker had wanted to discuss seeing a lizard and a marigold at the manger, we'd have all agreed wholeheartedly that indeed they might have been there after all!

Kerri said...

I can certainly see how it might be a cow's main job to be herd.

:) Sorry - couldn't resist. Love the lizard/marigold imagery - he could be a budding poet as well. And, as Grandma pointed out, whatever comes out of his mouth, the ability to speak is to be celebrated! Or in my case, perhaps, to be used sparingly. Ahem.

my3boys said...

You MUST post video in December!