Thursday, November 19, 2009

Small Town Wonders

I think I could love life in a small town.

I just spent several days visiting one of my best friends and her family in a teeny-tiny town just inside the state line of Arkansas. And, let me say, there is great charm and appeal to life within a three-mile radius.

For example, the toll booth operator who welcomes you to the town by decorating her lane with seasonal goodness. Hello, say the scarecrows. Welcome to Siloam Springs.

I loved their quaint, charming Broadway: complete with a dance studio, a children's boutique, a bookstore I must explore next time, and a coffee shop. The barista learned my name the first day, greeted me personally the second day, and prepared 'my usual' before I could order on the third day. Impressive.

I smiled at the distinction between 'the gas station on the left' or 'the gas station on the right.' One of which doesn't actually have gas. But it does host a breakfast club of diners each morning, so the donuts are slim pickin's by 10:15. And nobody gave my friend a second glance when she carried her baby in wearing his Christmas pajamas, a snow cap, and socked feet... to buy milk and cheese. We must be in Arkansas.

I love the winding roads, the snug alleys, and the graveyards with weathered tombstones dated from countless generations.

I loved the pace. Slow it on down. Nobody's in a hurry. And it only takes four minutes to get where you're going, anyway.

I loved the ice cream stands, the Christmas lights across the lampposts, and the spirit of the people who love where they live.

I loved it.


My name is Stephanie said...

But pretty soon you would be wondering how the nice "concerned" neighbor from church knew enough about the peach trees in your back yard (which are not visible from the road) to tell you, "If you don't pick those peaches soon, they'll go bad."

Ahhh, life in a small town. :)

Polly said...

I agree, Stephanie. And before long that same concerned neighbor would stop you in the lobby at The Church to tell you that she saw your little boy peeing in the back yard and she hopes you're going to train him better than that.

And when that happened to me, it wasn't even a small town; just a small neighborhood.

You're a girl who loves small towns, daughter of mine, but you're not a small town girl!

Tricia said...

Oh, yes, I believe that is entirely true. I'll just run away to one every now and then, to get my fix. :)