Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Get It Now.

I revisited an old favorite recently: Bringing Up Boys. I encountered once again some of the quotes that I had starred and underlined, years ago.

"Boys are bent on making messes,
teasing the other siblings,
racing through the house,
and challenging every decision and order that comes their way."
"Women are often shocked by the pure sheer physicality of boys -
by the sights and sounds and smells they generate."
"Moms need to keep boy's little minds and hands busy.
It's in their best interest to do so."
And my favorite, from Dobson's own parents:
"If you let that boy get bored, you deserve what he's going to do to you!"

Here's the thing: I bought this book when Tucker was still in infancy, so I read with naive anticipation of what was to come, as I prayed to understand my swaddled, sweet, quiet newborn. I starred, underlined, and highlighted these words of wisdom in hopes that I would remember them someday when I needed them, but I couldn't really imagine them.

Now, years later, I get these words. Instead of a heed for action, I see them as recognition of my daily life. In fact, today I feel encouraged to find that someone understands why we must go somewhere every day, why I seem to have a small panic attack if there is an hour unplanned, and why I carry an entire bag of entertainment with me always.

If I let them get bored, who knows what they will do? To each other, to our home, and to their blessed mother?

I get it now. In a whole new way.

(And in five years, I'm sure these words will mean something entirely different to me.)

(And another ten years after that.)

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