Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tucker's Stage Debut

Have you ever seen a cuter sheep?

He proudly walked on stage at the appropriate time,

remembered just what to say and do,

and snuck in a dozen waves to his adoring fans.

Tyler was most proud of Tucker's performance, and he couldn't wait to congrulate him after the show.

And then to accompany Tucker on stage for post-performance pictures.

And then perform what he planned all along, his shining moment as the Nativity Pig.

(I'm not kidding. He marched on to center stage and said, "I see Mary and a tiny baby. Merry Christmas. I'm a pig.")

Before the show started, our senior pastor prayed that every child in the show might feel like the most important in the world.

I'm pretty sure one of them did, indeed.

And so did his brother.

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