Thursday, March 11, 2010


It's unfortunate when little boys choose to ignore the sound of their mother's voice.

Or her 'boice,' in Tucker's words.

It's really a bummer when they tune out entirely, or worse yet, when they argue the point of their disobedience.

It's especially sad when one brother makes a sad choice that changes the plans for the entire afternoon, and his brother pays the consequences also.

(No park visit for one means no park visit for two.)

But it is really, really great when the mom keeps her cool, states the plan, stands firm, and never raises her voice. It is a joyful occurence when naptime comes swiftly because boys are too tired to argue, because they have cried themselves to pieces over their own relinquished privileges.

I was victorious today, and a lesson was learned.

The fear of your mother is the beginning of wisdom, little boys.

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my3boys said...

woo-hoo! You go, Mom!