Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hi. I'm Tyler.

Tyler's face is a little worked over.

The bruise on his left cheek is from walking into a table at Big Bill's Pizza.

The scrape across his forehead is from plowing into the patio furniture on the deck.

The scratch on his right cheek is from a mishap with his brother, for which I disciplined appropriately.

I can account for all these little bumps and bruises, but he still looks a little questionable.

Or maybe he looks like a boy.

Maybe I should get used to these dents and scrapes.

Meanwhile, he looked at himself in the mirror yesterday and said (to himself), "Well, hello. I'm Tyler. I'm a brother, and I have very nice hair."

(I love this child.)

1 comment:

Kerri said...

Friendly, forthright, observing and has great self-esteem. What's not to love?? (His mom must be something special, too :)