Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We hosted a colleague of Robb's for dinner tonight. Tyler greeted him and said, "Hi, Mr. Nate. This is my Mommy. She drops birthday cakes. Daddy doesn't. Mommy does."

Yep. Let's just lay it all out there. Make sure he knows the truest bits of my character.

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Gayle said...

Today God helped you prepare your boys for December 23, 2010. When you are ready, read your blog like the novel it is. Catching up with your writing is a picture of what writers do... we capture life on this side and the ways we are all being prepared for Heaven.

When my dad died we put pennies in his pockets... everytime we see a penny we think about how he is thinking about us. How he's sitting at the foot of our Heavenly Father and interceding on our behalf. When my mother went home to Jesus 2 years later we remembered her with paperclips. They pop up at the most needed moments ~ after we baked all her favorite Christmas cookie recipes or when we sold her condo in its first hour on the market. A paperclip or a penny. Such comfort. What would bring you tangible reminders of Robb?

This is too soon, isn't it? His ways are higher than ours. But, I see His hand in your writing this past year... even in wrapping gifts together just 5 days before Robb went home... the way He was going before you.

Right now we see through a glass darkly... but one day we will see Him face to face.

In the meantime, lean on His everlasting arms. Cry every one of the million tears in your heart. Allow others to carry you. And look for pennies or paperclips or whatever reminds you that Robb is safe at home with your orange and lime green balloons.