Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Highlights

Introducing, Green Power Ranger and his brother, Blue Power Ranger. They prefer to be introduced as such. And they speak to each other as such.

I simultaneously love Tyler's sewn-in muscles, his need to touch them, and his preparedness to bow deeply at any moment.

The trick or treating family: Power Rangers, TBDBITL member, and a bride, or a princess, or a princess bride. I answered to all three.

The Loot. 116 in each basket. Roughly. Dwindling by the day, as I have eaten approximately 4,000 m&ms.
And because nobody can get quite enough of these Power Rangers, we lived in those alter egos for days.

If I had a dollar for every time a person said, "So, it's still Halloween at your house then?" I'd go ahead and buy next year's costumes.
I sure would.
Here's to a holiday for pretending, dressing up, and sharing chocolates with Mommy.

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