Thursday, September 20, 2007

Not just "Tucker and Tyler"...

I think it's fun to think of nicknames.

It's a tremendous responsibility to give someone his official name, what will be on the birth certificate, what he will forever answer to, what must grow with him every step of the way: through toddlerhood, elementary years, high school, college, and his professional life.

Good parents don't want their child to have a horrible name, one that forever seems to old for him, or one that he can never outgrow because it's too cute and only good for addressing a little boy.

Seriously, it's a lot to think about.

But once that decision is made, once the name is chosen, then it's just fun. What else do we want to call him? I have so many nicknames for my boys - one for everyday of the week, at least.

I remember when that first occurred to me, about Tucker: I can call him anything I want! He isn't born with any nicknames, but I get to give them to him. That's fun. His most obvious one is Tuck, but we also often call him "T."

I'm trying out a few with Tyler, just to see if they work. Ty is his most obvious one, and that's one that lots of people can and will call him. But I'm also toying with a few others that might just be ours, the name his mom calls him, the name that will always make him think of me.

It's really kind of fun.

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