Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This Too Shall Pass... really?

I really love having two little men, but somedays, it's just hard. Sometimes, I'm just tired. Somedays I am running dangerously low on patience before we even arrive at the breakfast table.

For example, right now, both boys have decided to politely decline their afternoon naps today, as if I offered them an option. For about an hour, Tucker has been tossing things out of his bedroom... books, shoes, and finally a framed picture of himself. Tyler is screaming his little head off, just sure that he'll spend the rest of his days inside the confines of that blasted crib.

What I really want most is to enjoy a nap of my own. Not a long one, but just a 20-minute "power nap" to refuel for the rest of the day. It's not looking like that's going to happen today.

We should have a lifetime punch card for naps, and we should be allowed to trade them with other people. If Tucker doesn't want to take a nap today, then I should get to take one for him. Or maybe he should get to deposit it in the Nap Bank, to be redeemed when he's a father of preschoolers and would give anything to rest for two glorious hours.

Seriously, I am really tired.

I had lunch with two of my closest friends today, and we ate Chinese food. My fortune cookie was most promising:

Any troubles you may have will pass very shortly.

Okay. Good reminder. And that's why I created this blog, because I know these days are numbered and precious, even when they are maddening and exhausting.

But maybe this particular episode could pass sooner than later, and everyone in my home can take a nap. That would be great. Really great.

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Robin said...

If you ever get ahold of those "lifetime nap punchcards," be sure to let me know! I'd pay big bucks for one of those...