Saturday, November 29, 2008


Me: "Who's thirsty?

Tucker: "Me! I'm thirsty!"

Tyler: "Yes, Mommy. I'm thirsty too. Like Tucker." (How did we get one who talks this much??)


Me: "Tuck, look at the Christmas lights!"

Tucker: "So boo-fow, Mommy." (Beautiful.)

Tyler: "More Yights! More Yights! More Yights!" (He's killing me with this one. It's downright incessant.)


I put on my new winter coat.

Tucker: "Oh, Mommy. Very handsome."

(I am learning that this is a casualty for being the only girl in the house; I am often referred to as 'handsome' or 'a good boy.' Such is the life for a Barbie Doll Mom in a G. I. Joe World.)


Tucker had a very minor injury at his grandparents' house this week. In the retelling, he said, "It was very painful."

Painful? Seriously?? Who is this kid? And who taught him these words?


Handsome, beautiful, and painful, all in one week.

Keep 'em coming, T.

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