Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Few New Favorites

Tucker's language is rapidly expanding now, and Tyler is quickly catching up to him. They are both talking in phrases, often to each other, and often in a language that is only theirs.

Here is an update on the Tucker translations at our house:

"Yowey-Yowey" = Ravioli

"Reezey-bonn" = Raisin Bran

"Tare-tow" = Scarecrow

"Down Zeroes" = Higgly Town Heroes

"Hi-bee-vee" = Library (This one took some serious decoding on my part!)

I love it.


my3boys said...

Does he love the library yet? I've been wondering how that has been going?

Tricia said...

Well, he likes going... but he doesn't like to sit still for story time. Mostly, he likes to stroll the shelves and choose random titles for our take home bag. He REALLY likes to use the conveyer belt to return the books, and he likes to use the computer to check them out. It's just that story time that doesn't hold his attention... but then it doesn't really hold mine either. Turns out, story telling is an art.

So I guess we're making progress. :)