Monday, November 24, 2008

Keeping Things in Perspective.

Tucker's Sunday school teacher is one of my favorite people. She is the delight of his Sunday morning, and she has taught him so much every week... that God made him, God loves him, and we will always come back to get him at the end of the morning.

When she first met Tucker and learned of his speech needs, she invited a friend of hers to spend some time in the classroom. This friend knew sign language, and she served as the interpretor between my son and his teacher. Now that is ministry. We love Miss Gloria.

As I dropped him off on Sunday morning, she hugged my kiddo, secured his nametag, and helped him settle in with the craft at hand. Before I scurried down the hall, she said with much grace and emotional togetherness, "Tricia, can I ask for your prayers? My son is in the army, and he arrived in Baghdad three days ago. Could you pray for him?"

Let me just say, this request pretty much stopped me in my selfish tracks.

While I am running about on Sunday morning, or any day, worrying about that which consumes me, other people very close to me have much greater worries. My children are safe. I know right where they are, always. This isn't true for every mom. We talk often of the sacrifices the people of the military make for our country, but I do not think enough of the sacrifices their families make, who are living in our country, waiting for them to come home. Those are sacrifices of great magnitude as well.

I was struck by the irony: as I left my child in her care, she asked me to care for hers in the only way I could: please pray.

So, I am. I'm praying for Anthony in Baghdad, his brothers stationed elsewhere, and their faithful mom here in Colorado.... that she may be blessed abundantly in her call to serve.

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