Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cookie Quotes

The boys and I made cookies this morning, and the following quotes floated through the air like cartoon balloons above our heads as we baked.

"Did you wash your hands? Go. Please. Now."
"Please stop eating butter."
"Oh, dear. How much butter have you eaten, exactly? You have no idea, do you?"
"A lot."
"Please stop licking the countertop."
"Happy helpers only, please."
"No more eating cookie dough, please."
"No screaming at brothers, please."
"Oh, whatever. Keep licking."
"Mommy, I think you just need to slow down a little bit. It will work better if you slow down."
"Oh, I made a mess. That's my fault, Mommy. Look. Mess."
"Everybody upstairs. Clean shirts for everyone."

No small task.

(But so much fun. And they're tasty, for the record.)

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