Saturday, October 31, 2009

In the Name of All Things Fierce and Brave

Introducing... (drum roll, please)...

Superman Tucker

and Tyler the Dragon.
A most dynamic duo, I assure you.
These two left no candy uncollected, no doorbell untouched, and no neighbor without a proper thank you and a "Happy Halloween."
When we arrived next door at our neighbor's home, after they collected their candy and said their thank you's, Tyler said, "Oh, and when I go poop in the potty like a big boy, I'll wear Mickey Mouse underwear like Tucker and we'll go to Chuck E Cheese."
Who really expects to hear so much from the green dragon at the door? Well, there you go. And his little story earned him some extra candy, for the bonus details.
Across the street, I spotted a couple of darling princesses. "Oh, guys! Look at those Cinderellas!"
Tucker responded, "Yes, but they don't have penises."
(Indeed, they do not. I know that doesn't come with the costume.)
(And apparently even Halloween is not above such comparisons.)
And now the two heroes are tucked in bed with a stellar sugar high...
and I need to go see what chocolate remains for the only Cinderella in the house.

Happy Halloween, from the Fierce and the Brave.
And their Mom.

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