Monday, April 12, 2010

And so it goes...

We were having a rough day. Tyler woke up with the firm determination to take me on, and he was not backing down. It was a new day, and perhaps his time had come to claim authority in our house.

We argued over everything. I gave him choices A and B, and without fail, he demanded C. He spent much of the morning angry, or pretending to be for the sake of argument.

And then he didn't nap.

When Tucker woke up from his, he was delightful and ready to play, and I finally decided I would concede to Tyler's plan for no nap. Fine, kiddo. You win. And I'm taking you to McDonald's - not as a reward for YOU, but as a gift to me. Run it off, my sweet cherub. Let's each give each other a little space.

Except... he fell asleep before we left the driveway. That carseat was far more snuggly than his bottom bunk, apparently. And, there was nobody waiting for him to sleep then. In fact, it was the exact opposite of my plan.

But he slept soundly. Through the entire visit to the coveted McDonald's playland. My book sat by my side, while I held a sleepy little bundle.

And he woke up just as I put him back in his carseat to go home.
This is the face of a boy who just missed out on a good time.

And so it goes, little man. Not sure what to tell you.

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my3boys said...

I would probably say, "Little boys who refuse to take their naps miss out on trips to McDonald's." I'm not sayin' it's the right thing to say. Just sayin' it's probably what would come out of my mouth! ;)