Friday, April 30, 2010

Variety Show

"Mommy, come down here, please. We need to sing a song for you."

Well, you betcha. I'm on my way.

I came down the stairs to find the boys, still in their jammies, standing side by side next to the coffee table, each with a microphone in his hand. (One was a legitimate microphone, now minus batteries and a chord; the other was a Magnetix rod and ball jammed together. Both were equally useful for the task at hand.)

I took my seat on the coffee table, as instructed. My little men sang a song about fishies swimming in the water, with a chorus about poopie diapers, because no song is complete without the mention of the latter.

And then... "Mommy, come on the stage please."

Me?? I put my hand to my chest, and raised my eyebrows in question: the common response from named audience members, worldwide.

"Yes. Please. Come onto the stage."

"Why, yes. Of course." I stood and took my one step 'on stage.'

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, Mommy will do a trick. Mommy, go."

A trick.


Lucky for them, I have a tap dancing routine I keep in my back pocket, just for such an occasion. I did not disappoint, if I do say so myself.

We got loads of applause. A standing ovation, even, which called for an encore. We bowed many times, and we blew kisses to our adoring fans.

It was a stellar performance. Sorry you missed it.


Polly said...

Indeed, I have seen that tap dancing routine many times (especially during your college years) and it never fails to entertain me! So glad you all got rave reviews.

my3boys said...

oh, maaaaan.

Kyle Estepp said...

You were right... I LOVE this post! :) Makes me very happy, dear friend!