Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Birthday Girls

July 24: My Birthday.

July 28: My Mom's Birthday.

Annually, this calls for a Birthday Girl Celebration, circa July 24-28.

This year's destination: Fort Collins, Colorado.

Just to be clear, Fort Collins has little to do with an actual fort, since we are far from the fort-going type. We are, however, very much all about charming college towns filled with quaint shops, nooks, crannies, and undiscovered treasures that beckon us to while away the day.

I found that I am particularly -and rather predictably - drawn to splashes of color.
I am not actually in love with the look on my face in the following picture, but it does quite capture giddiness. That's what I felt upon this encounter with my dream dishes.

My dream, I tell you.

And, I actually did a pirouette near the placemats. Such was my love for these colorful splashes of domesticity that seemed to audibly call my name.

We shopped, strolled, bought, and talked, talked, talked. Lunch at a sidewalk cafe. Dessert with gelato. I'm telling you, we were a force of feminity.

I allowed myself this personal splurge of birthdayness: the most magnificent skirt ever. One that required me to slip into a public restroom and put it on immediately.

(Secret: It's actually an Indian sari. It's wrapped around me about 2 1/2 times and held together with a happy little - very secure - knot.)

And a day together is of course only complete with a fit of giggles and a picture with a totem pole.

When it was finally good and time, we ventured back home to join the men in our lives for our collective birthday party. Which looked a little something like this.

Happy Birthday: To Us.


Polly said...

A superb day of celebration indeed. What a good idea on my part, to have a daughter born so close to my own birthday! (I'd like to tell you that was the plan...)

Emily Kaye said...

I think you look great as the poster child for giddy!