Sunday, August 1, 2010

Starting Early

Grandma's birthday was quickly approaching, and we had in mind one more gift: handmade jewelry. A plan like this calls for careful planning: An Afternoon Date for Tucker and Mommy.

Naturally, we stopped at Starbucks first, because every great date with me begins with something delicious in a cup. It's an important tradition. (Feel free to schedule your next date with me; there are no exceptions.)

Next, we arrived at String Beads, a beading boutique I have enjoyed since Tucker was 12 days old. Literally. He rode along in his carseat, way back then. This time, I brought him for artistic inspiration. Get busy, kiddo.

I told Tucker he could be totally in charge of our bead choices, until he landed solidly on a strand of chunky, orange beads. While I'm confident Grandma would wear it, I'd rather we offer her something she'll want to wear - with an endearing description, not a charming apology.

I guided him toward red, blue, or purple, and I learned henceforth that Tucker likes for girls to wear sparkly things. He chose a very sparkly strand of blue, a matching strand of white, and he asked the beading consultant: "I would like to make a necklace and earrings for my Grandma, please."

(Listen to those manners, folks. I think we're making progress.)

And then we set to task. I was in charge of white, he was in charge of blue, and together we made a pattern.

(Check out the tongue action. An important part of the process.)

As we took our turns, we talked about anything he wanted to, which was largely rooted in Buzz Lightyear and milkshakes. And every once in a while, he patted my cheek and kissed my face. All elements of a charming date, I assure you.

I love a great date. And time with just one boy at a time grants me a whole new appreciation for each of my children, for their separate places in my heart. And of course, it's never to early to teach a growing boy how to make something amazing for a girl he loves.
Happy Birthday, Grandma.
Made specially for you.


Polly said...

I was and am charmed. By the necklace, the earrings, and the sweet little boy, and his mommy.

I sure do love being the fairy grandmother in this story!

The Hutfilz Family said...

I loved your comment about how "Dates Start". I think it is a good thing we live like a gajillion states away, or we would single handedly be keeping 'Bucks in business.
(And your sweet son, and this story were so sweet, it almost made me cry. And the necklace and earings are just beautiful!)
(and as you can tell, I am over my fear of posting on your blog for fear of making a spelling or gramatical error) :o)