Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Discovery

"Mommy, are you happy?" Tyler asked, snuggled up beside me while I read and he watched his bedtime TV.

"Sure, buddy. I'm happy."

"Then let me see your mouth do this."

He flattened his lips against his teeth and turned them up, ever so slightly at each end.

"See, Mommy? Do that."

"Do you know what that's called, Ty? That's your smile."

"It IS??"

He bounded off the chair and into the bathroom to study his new discovery. He stared into the mirror, and he practiced smiling.

Tyler discovered his smile today. He learned that it's more than just a permanent fixture on his face, like ears or a nose. He learned he can make it happen. Such a discovery will carry him pretty far on the bumpy, frowning roads ahead of him.

And I watched it happen.

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