Thursday, February 25, 2010

All on the Way to Preschool

Me: Boys, why was Mommy angry this morning?

Tuck: Because we weren't kind to our house.

Me: That's right. You dumped out all your toys, you moved Daddy's chair, and you were standing on the shelf ready to jump into my chair. And that made me angry.

Tyler: Look, Mommy. I see sunshine. I think it belongs to you.

Tuck: Tyler, it's Mommy's turn. Mommy, go ahead and talk. I'm listening.

(Nice, Tuck.)

Me: I would like for you to be kind to me, to each other, to your toys, and to our house. Will you do that?

Tuck: I sure will, Mommy.

Tyler: I'll give you a kiss. So you won't be angry.

Me: I would like that, when we're finished in the car. Thank you for being kind. Let's have a good day today.

Tyler: Look. I'm Mary. (He has a sweatshirt hoodie dangling from his head, which reminds him of the Virgin Mary's head covering, apparently.)

Tucker: I'm going to be kind.

Tyler: Mommy, I don't like that story about the ChickaWiseMints.


Me: What story?

Tyler: You know. The mean king, and he ChickaWiseMints.


Tyler: They go to find baby Jesus, and the mean king tricks them.

(Aha! King Herod!)

Me: The mean king who tried to trick the wise men?

Tyler: Yes. I don't like him. And also, turtles don't like carrots. Only bunnies do.

Me: Okay. Good to know.

Tucker: Mommy, do dogs like beans?

Me: I don't think so.

Tucker: Yes, they do.

Me: Okay, then. They do.

Tyler: I think it's a good day. I really think it is. A good day.

Well, it was a rough start. But I think we're getting somewhere.

These conversations can turn my world around.

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