Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fractions of a Whole

Part One: Half.

Me: Tucker, please put on your shoes.

Tuck: I can't.

Me: Yes, you can. You are almost four and a half, and boys who are four and a half can put on their own shoes. Please, go put them on. Go.

Part Two: Pieces
Me: Tucker, please sit up in your carseat. I know you want the toy on the floor, but you have to sit up. When you lean over, you're not safe. A car could crash into us, and you would break in half. You would smash into pieces, and we would have to take you to the hospital. And if something awful happened to you, I would be sad forever. So, please, sit up.
Tuck: Okay. Because I don't want a car to crash into us and I break into piece and go to the hossible and you be sad forever. Okay.
Part Three: Synonyms
Stranger: Hi, kiddo. How old are you?
Tucker: I'm four. Four and a piece.
(Because 'half' is synonymous with 'piece.' If he could break in half, then he must be four and a piece. Must be.)
I love the linear pattern of a sweet little mind.

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