Friday, February 12, 2010

Geez, Mom.

Today marked another first for us: Tucker's first Valentine party. We made plans for Tyler (to hang with Daddy) so I could be Tuck's date to a party of cupcakes, sherbet punch, and careful cards in decorated paper bags.

(And might I say, Valentines have stepped it up a bit in the last two decades since I was signing my name on the back of them. Sheesh. Our little pencils woven through the perforated holes of Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear didn't hold a candle to the pipe cleaner sculptures. I'll plan more next year.)

Just before we left for the party, I decided to feign asking Tucker's permission, even though the plan was firmly established.

"Tuck, is it okay if I come with you to your party?"

He thought. "Hmmmm. Sure, Mommy. I trust you."

You trust me? Well, that's good. I guess that won't always be true, so I'll take the affirmation today.

I tried to keep his trust throughout the entire party, sitting where he asked me to, helping him when he needed it, and keeping appropriate conversation with his classmates.

But then I almost blew it.

He has a little fascination with Courtney, and she was dressed in a darling fluffy, pink dress. She could hardly keep her hands off her own flounces. So cute.

(Precisely how Tucker's sister would be dressed for such a party, if he had one.)

I said, "Courtney, you look so pretty today. Tucker, doesn't Courtney look lovely? You can tell her. Say, 'Courtney, you look lovely today.'"

And with that, I stepped over the line. He shot me a sideways glance that said, Watch it. We talked about this. My trust is wavering.

He whispered out of the side of his mouth, "I'll tell her, later."

Yikes. Sorry, kiddo. I'll shape up. Enough with the scripted compliments. I'll go ahead and stop feeding you lines.

We ate our cupcakes, delivered the valentines, and drank our punch. And I tried to remain trustworthy.

That was a close one.

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