Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good heavens.

By 8:47 this morning, Tyler had performed two award-winning meltdowns:

1. He wanted to wear his construction boots, then his snow boots, then his brown sneakers. But he changed his mind too late in the game, and the construction boots won out in the battle for time in the morning routine, since they were already on his blessed little feet. Cry, cry, cry.

2. Then he wanted to hold my car keys. But I couldn't give in, since they were in the ignition of the car driving us to preschool. Sorry, dude. Cry, cry, cry.

Good heavens. E-mo-tion-al.


Brad said...

If it makes you feel any better Reece threw a fit to end all fits after getting caught trying to sneak an extra handful of m&m's after being told "no" multiple times. He was a blubbering, sobbing, emotional mess. I am convinced that boys are more emotional than girls. With girls extreme emotion only manifests itself once a month. With boys it is a constant reality, we just work hard to try and hide it.

my3boys said...

I would cry, too, if I was refused chocolate. Just sayin'.

Tricia said...

You may be on to something, Brad... :)