Sunday, June 27, 2010


Today, the volunteers in the church nursery returned my whatever-cum-laude medal from my college graduation. Turns out, Tyler took it to church a few weeks ago, wearing it proudly as his newly acquired DigiMedal.

(A special thank you to Special Agent Oso, of Disney Channel Fame, who awards children everywhere with DigiMedals for accomplishing their Three Special Steps for the day's task at hand. Usually, the tasks include picking berries, washing dishes, or jumping rope. And apparently, Tyler earned one of his very own.)

It's like the Olympics for three-year-olds. And the fact that he found it in the basement, snuck it to church, and wore it proudly without my ever noticing - that is rather award-winning in itself.

Way to go, Tyler.

(You also get the award for Making My Heart Sing.)

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Polly said...

I think Ty deserves a picture in the family album for being an award-winning boy at age 3. And for winning an award for who knows what. Which happened to be an award that cost his mother a lot of late nights, frankly! His wearing it proves she does claim him with more pride than anything the world could offer her.