Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Everyone's Favorite

Uncle Rob came to visit.
I like him.
Really, everyone does.

Quite enamored.
(Fiddling with the shirts is always a dead give away.)

The boys were elated in the car ride to the airport, when they suddenly discovered they matched. "Hey! Our shirts match! And our shorts match! And our flip flops match! And even our arms match!"
Thankfully, they are not yet above matching (for my sake).

Sweet reunions all around.

Uncle Rob colored with Tucker for half an hour at Red Robin.
(And Uncle Rob hates to color.)
(And so does Tucker.)
(And neither of them minded.)

We spent a morning at Pump It Up, and let me tell you,
nobody knows how to jump and slide like Uncle Rob.

And what's a visit without a belated birthday party?

And of course a trip to the playground, for a team effort on the Monkey Bars.

And let's not forget the blind tour of the house.
"Close your eyes, Uncle Rob."

He has gone home now.
And the boys were sorely disappointed to learn that the stuffed animals no longer have their voices or livelihood in the absence of their brilliantly entertaining uncle.
Car rides aren't as much fun, without a companion to make them laugh.
Everyday life is now, just, everyday life.
But rest assured: we talk about him a million times a day.
Because he's the Amazing Uncle Rob.

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my3boys said...

When are we going to hear about Amazing Uncle Rob's new gig?