Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Far Superior

The boys were playing in their backyard swimming pool, and they had begun to exhaust the obvious water play possibilities. They needed a few suggestions to keep this summer activity vibrant and fun. Turns out, I have a few, and I'm always willing to offer them my ideas, lest they draw from their own creativity and thereby invent a situation for us all. Please, allow me to guide your creative flow.

"You know, guys, when Uncle Rob and I were young, we had a little pool in our backyard too. Sometimes we liked to have splashing contests. We would curl into a tight ball, or stretch out like a long pencil, and we would see who could make the biggest splash."

They listened, considering and thinking it through.

Tucker said, "I bet Uncle Rob's splash was the biggest. Because he's Uncle Rob."

Naturally. He is far superior in every way, little men of mine.

"I often wish I could come back to life as your uncle so I could give you more."
~ Kelly Corrigan

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