Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Covers

I'm a journaler.

I write what I think.

(I'm sure you're shocked.)

I just finished the last page in a hardback journal today, one with stripes of grass green, chocolate brown, burnt orange, and deep sugar plum.

My heart has traveled a ragged road since I began the journal. Those pages held my worries, concerns, questions, waiting, wondering. All poured out. Every last drop.

But as I wrote the last page, I realized this chapter ended with closure, answers, clarity, and a woven theme throughout: faithfulness, goodness, strength, and peace.

Not a bad storyline.

The book covers of my journals bind the pages of my life.

Off to the bookstore to buy a new journal. Time to write the next chapter.

1 comment:

my3boys said...

A little bit about me, conjured up from that little bit about you:
I also love the looks of journal covers and I admire them in the store. But...I hate writing longhand. Maybe when I get my first laptop (soon, I hope) I'll get cute stickers to dress it up and then change them out occasionally (kind of like your journal covers). Maybe then I'll be inspired to journal more.