Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here's to Simplicity.

"Somehow Jesus mastered the art of maintaining a clear perspective while accomplishing every one of his objectives. A major reason for his being able to say he finished all the father had in mind for him is that he simplified his life.

He followed his own agenda instead of everyone else's.

He also set predetermined limits.

He chose twelve (not twelve hundred) whom he trained to carry on in his absence.

He stayed with his set of priorities without apology, which means he must have said no a score of times every month.

He balanced work and rest, accomplishment and refreshment, never feeling the need to ask permission for spending time in quietness and solitude.

He refused to be sidetracked by tempting opportunities that drained energy and time.

He was a servant of his father, not a slave of the people.

Even though misunderstood, maligned, misquoted, and opposed by numerous enemies and even a few friends, he stayed at it.

His simplicity kept him balanced."

~ C. Swindoll

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