Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rhyming Shmyming

"Boys, let's play the rhyming game. I'll say some words, and you tell me one that rhymes."

"Okay. We're ready."

I tossed them an easy one. "Cat, Bat."

Tucker jumped in, "Cat in the Hat."

"Nice, Tuck! Okay. Here's another one: Star, Jar."

"Cat in the hat."

Oh. So maybe that first right answer was a fluke. A shining moment where the right words accidentally fell into the right place.

"Well, Cat and Hat rhyme, but not with Star and Jar. How about Cow and Now?"

Tuck tried again. "Cow in the hat."

Tyler chimed in. "Cow on my nose."

"Um, no. Let's try a new one. I'll say one word, and you tell me a word that sounds just like it. Bug."



Oh, dear.

"Let's try a new one. You give me a word, and I'll tell you one that rhymes with it."

"Okay, Mommy. "Boat, Nose, Cat, Show."

"Can you pick one?"

"I did."

So, maybe we'll keep practicing then.

Apparently I had this coming straight at me. One of my mom's favorite stories of my childhood is when she tried this very same game with three-year-old Tricia.

"Tricia, tell me a word, and I'll give you one that rhymes."

"Okay, Mom. Tell me a word that rhymes with Refrigerator."

Yep. Had it coming.


Emily Kaye said...

I love hearing about little kids rhyming. Calee tells me about her kindergarten kids rhyming and it sounds much like yours. So adorable!

cms said...

Yep. I have definitely experienced this in my classroom. Last year, my responses for words that rhyme with "cheese" were "macaroni," "crackers," and "milk."