Thursday, December 16, 2010

Foul Language

The boys have discovered the words 'butthead' and 'butthole.' They love the sound, timbre, and texture of these words. Can't get enough.

I do not love these words. Yes, it's likely I won't succeed in making them say benign words like 'bottom' and 'toot' their whole lives through, but when does one choose to lift the gate on the various levels of propriety?

I have administered warnings, disciplines, nags, and consequences to varying magnitudes. No help. Constantly, I'm hearing from another room, "Hey, Mommy! He said ____________ again!"

Finally, in exasperation, I looked at my mom and said, "Oh, what on earth am I to do with this?!"

In her wisdom, she said, "Well, I'd only punish it if you hear it with your own ears. If they're at the dinner table or running around the kitchen while you're fixing dinner, and they're shouting these words constantly, then tell them it's not okay. But that's different from the two of tem holding this power over each other in the other room, constantly tattling."

So true.

"And Tricia, you might as well know they're going to learn those words anyway. They're going to learn them, and they're going to say them. Heavens, you and your brother STILL say things I wish you wouldn't. And there are years of late night discussions in bunkbeds ahead of you, and you just won't be able to monitor everything that happens there. And much will happen there."

So true.

"And Tricia, I hope to hear about it when your boys are men, taller than you, and Tyler says with that little grin, 'Hey, Tuck, watch this: Mom? Butthole.' Because that will happen."

So true.

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Marie Black said...

Hi Tricia,
My dear, dear friend Melanie Ostovic introduced me to you some time ago after the "locked in the bedroom, screaming for help out the window" incident. I had been having a particularly rough time that day or week, and she suggested I get acquainted with you. I have been reading your blog and loving you ever since.

A few weeks ago I read one of your posts about how a friend let you know when you had a typo on your blog. The timing of this seems odd, I know, but given your desire for grammatical and spelling accuracy I thought you would like to know there is a typo in the last sentence of paragraph 5.

Feel free to delete this comment; no one will ever have to know. :)

We are praying for you, Tucker, and Tyler continually with a groaning only the Holy Spirit can express.

Love In Christ,