Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Prince and the Pea

"Tyler, we forgot to choose something for Show and Tell at preschool. Want me to grab Doc before we go?"

He was already buckled in his carseat, or I would have sent him into snag it on his own.

(Incidentally, I referred to his carseat as his suitcase today. As in, "Everybody get in your suitcases." Ah, well. Blank stares.)

"Mommy, how about if you go get Lightning McQueen. He's under my pillow."

"Under your pillow?"


I buzzed into his room, on my one final errand before we trekked off to preschool. I lifted his pillow, and not only did I find Lightning McQueen, but 9 other toys, too.

Little Hoarder. Stocking up for a rainy day. Or a boring quiet time.

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