Friday, September 23, 2011

Even if I Didn't Hope for what I Hope

I am not moved, my God, to love you
By the heaven you have promised me.
Neither does hell, so feared, move me
To keep me from offending you.
You move me, Lord, I am moved seeing you
Scoffed at and nailed on a cross.
I am moved seeing your body so wounded.
Your injuries and your death move me.
It is your love that moves me, and in such a way
That even if there were no heaven,
I would love you,
And even if there were no hell,
I would fear you.
You do not have to give me anything
so that I love you.
For even if I didn't hope for what I hope,
As I love you now, so I would love you.

~ John of the Cross

"I have always taken these last words to mean,
Even if what I hope for is not what is going to be,
no matter what,  I would love the one who made me."

~ Madeleine L'Engle


Jaimie said...

I love this. After I get off my Rilke fix I need to start reading more L'Engle. Her or Anne Lamott.

GINA said...

SO GOOD! Thank you for sharing that!
Praying for you today!

April said...

I have not read much Madeline L'Engle, except for "A Wrinkle In Time," when I was younger. Which books would you recommend?

Terry said...

dear tricia...i have been away for so long but i have not forgotten you.
this poem is just reminds me of years ago, at easter time and they were showing on the tv, the movie of the crucifixion, and my next door neighbour phoned me and she was crying on the phone. "terry", she said, "i am watching the movie and you should just see what they are doing to jesus!"
at the time she wasn't saved yet, and so i told her, "yes! and you know what grace?..he was crucified for us and believing in him, we are saved!"
several years later, she was saved and i am sure she understood.
you know what tricia?...i remember that day that she was crying and my heart was so ashamed that it was so cold and the tears were not brought to my i took the precious lord jesus's death for me so for granted!
i really enjoyed this poem dear has softened my terry