Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Resorted to Throwing the Broom.

So, either the spiders have gone overly crazy with their web designs in the lofty corners of my front porch, or that is something Robb routinely took care of without telling me.

I suspect the latter is the case.

I suddenly realized that the cobwebs were visible from the street.  That doesn't make a home so inviting, but more like the haunted house of the neighborhood.  No need to start any of those rumors.

So I headed out there with my broom, and I began sweeping away at the corners, clearing out all the muck.  I reached as I high as I could.  But the spiders had reached higher.  I stood on my tiptoes.  I reached with my broom. 

Finally, I resorted to throwing the broom at the cobwebs, hurtling it up in the general direction, and ducking out of the way before the broom or the cobwebs hit the ground.   Repeatedly.

In the end, I resolved to bring the step stool outside - the task I was avoiding as if it involved a donation of my bone marrow.  By the time I finished, I had cobwebs in my hair, in my flip flops, and I'm pretty sure in my teeth. 

But my entryway is inviting again.  All to make room for the autumn wreath. 

I took on the cobwebs.  (Robb would never believe this to be true.)


Kristen said...

I would have done the same thing. I hope you at least took a long, hot bath afterward to get all the grime off. Spiders are so gross.

Melissa said...

You're a better woman than I. :-) I would have called my dad. I'm a wuss when it comes to webs.

Gwen said...

Proud of you! Another hurdle...done.

GINA said...

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Becky's Place said...

I've found a waterhose with your thumb on the end to increase pressure works well for getting cobwebs down. :) If I didn't know the trick, I probably would have thrown the broom too. LOL

Terry said...

this is so funny tricia!
it reminds of the time that i was looking after an elderly lady who lived out in the country..she had a very quaint house and a lovely old fashioned kitchen..well the kitchen window on the outside was full of cow webs...just loaded! when i took a broom and gently swept the whole thing away, the spiders scurried away...katy[the lady] told me that i was a home wrecker!..ha, i think that i wasn't because i hadn't killed one spider..i think that the mommy and daddy spiders and all of their kids found another home somewhere..maybe on the bedroom window!
spiders ARE the ugliest things sometimes krisen but i just can't bring myself to kill are a brave girl terry

GINA said...

oh...and I loved the picture in my mind of you throwing that broom~ you are my kind of person!!!