Saturday, September 24, 2011

I say: Break the Rule.

Are you reading a bad book?  Then stop.  Life's too short.  Pick a new one.

Too many people buy into the 'rule' that you should finish any book you start.  I disagree. 

Sometimes you need to read just a bit further, sometimes you need to get to know the characters (or the author) better, and sometimes you can skim this part and settle into the next.  

Sometimes the season isn't right, sometimes the story is too long, sometimes you can't find the voice, and sometimes it's just not a good book. 

Not every book is for every reader. 

And it's possible that the great literary love of your life is the next one you'll read.  So if you don't love this one?  Pick a new one.

That's what I say.  And I teach reading, writing, and how to love both. 

You're off the hook. 


Robin said...

How timely! And thank you, sweet friend, for setting me free.

Amanda Olinger said...

I needed that! I stress myself out with not finishing books. I feel like my book reading habits are a reflection of whether I'm faithful or a flake. But now I know! FREEDOM is wonderful!

Phil Vaughan said...

Yes! I love this.

Becky Johnson said...

I say the best readers and writers out there understand this concept. Way to post it!! I have more "discussions" with parents regarding this concept. Even when I am vehemently disagreed with, at least the seed has been planted.

Kay Day said...

I have no qualms about putting down a book I don't enjoy. I'll stop at the first page, the 10th or the 100th. I don't care.
Life is too short.
And like you mentioned, sometimes it's just not the right season and later I'll go through the book like it's an ice cream sundae!

Leash said...

Thank you Tricia! I have felt this way many times and sometimes I give into the imaginary reader police and finish the book only to be disappointed.

GINA said...

Thank you! ( :

Terry said...

dear tricia...i know this is a little bit different than reading words, but in a way, reading music notes in a piano piece might have the same rule.
whenever i was teaching piano lessons, sometimes a piece was either too hard or too boring for the student and they were getting no where fast in completing the song and so i would say, "aw ,let's just start a new piece, eh and nine times out of ten, this breaking the rule that the first piece DIDN'T have be perfected worked! enthusiasm for sure and the second song was very nice!...
every sheet of music is not for everybody!
good post as usual terry

Beth said...

For the record, I found this much easier to do one a Kindle.