Monday, April 14, 2008

Let's go for a Wim!

That's Tucker's word for swim: wim.

We went on our first family trip to the pool on Sunday afternoon, and it was a day to remember. They boys were so cute and so eager to go, even though Tyler had never been in his life. But he seems to sense the anticipation of something new, and I think he was a big fan of shirtlessness. Oh, and his brother chanting, "Wim! Wim! Wim!" That probably helped, too.

The boys were set and ready to go. Note: Tucker's flip flops. I'm a big fan of little boy footwear... thankfully, my friends with boys older than mine give us a good hookup now and then.

Our boys were fearless in the water. Tuck hasn't always been so courageous in this setting, but his confidence has grown since last summer. He was on a mission to get wet, and frankly it was a little hard to get any good pictures, since he was always wading away from me.

He loves the Frog Slide. You can almost see him in his giant splash.

Tyler was equal to the challenge of this giant bath tub, and I really had to work to keep my hands on him. He was not hindered by his inability to walk or swim... he was ready to splash.

I love playing with my boys. I absolutely love it.


Kennedy Krew said...

I remember that pool! We used to go there all the time! You look great!! And, your boys look precious!

Alli Dunham said...

I LOVE that picture of you with your two boys. Priceless. You are going to look back on that with fond memories, my friend. (And hot bathing suit!)

Robin said...

looks like a blast, and WHO is that hottie in the swimsuit??