Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Please tell me he didn't just say that.

As we arrived in the grocery store this week, Tucker began shouting with great emphasis, "Boobie! Boobie! Boobie!"

Oh my goodness. Please tell me my son is not shouting this word. And yet, there was no denying it. He continued, louder, and more emphatically. It's a funny one - I'll give him that. But the whole language delay has allowed me to postpone such conversations with him.

I grabbed the video phone... I was embarrassed, but it was also very funny, and thereby worth documenting. It's not the best video, and you have to listen quick... but it's funny.


I finally deduced: he wants to ride in a cart that is a racecar, particularly the blue one. His word for car is bee (because they say Beep, but he drops the P), and he wanted the blue one.

Boobie = Blue Beep = Blue Car.

Sadly, and to my embarrassment, nobody else in the store knew that. All they could hear was this new word. And a favorite, it appears to be.

On another note, and yet in the same chapter of this book, he has learned the word fork. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like fork. It sounds like another four-letter word that begins with f.

Oh, dear.


Kennedy Krew said...

SO cute...I loved hearing your laugh!

kathryn said...

Tricia, be glad he is not using it correctly, even if you are the only one who knows that. On far too many occasions in public, after Elizabeth lets people know I am her mommy, she points to the correct area and says "boobie" (this is always particularly special in the gym locker room). That was a nice body part to add to list that she can correctly i.d. Can't hide the fact that she was breastfed!

Traci said...

Can you not wait for the day when you see him saying the same thing on tv with his fraternity brothers at a football game??!!