Friday, April 11, 2008

Today's Adventures

I cannot keep up with these two.

Tyler is very, very mobile now - not quite on two feet yet, but giving me a run for my money, nonetheless.

He is my fearless climber. At least once a day, he falls from something - a chair, a couple steps, a push toy, really anything that gives him greater height. He is always on the go, typically to higher altitudes.

Here, I found him using this toy in a far different way than its engineers intended. He has pulled the doors off the front and climbed on, in an effort to vault himself over the top, onto Molly's dog pillow. You'll notice, no part of his body is touching the ground. That's how he likes it.

His other favorite trick? Climbing and crawling through the ExerSaucer, with toys in his mouth until he can walk on two feet, hands-free. Until then, the six teeth in his mouth are highly helpful in carrying Fisher Price toys to his destination.

In the meantime, while Tyler was making great strides in the living room, I should have noticed that things were a little too quiet.

Tucker was busy too.

This is where I found him, spooling toilet paper into the toilet, as fast as he could.

And the look on his face says it all: "What? Is there a problem??"

Today has been a doozy.

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Kennedy Krew said...

Hey girl - I am so glad I have your blog now and can keep up!! Here's mine...
Your boys are precious!!!