Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Look who's Front Facing!

Don't tell our pediatrician that Tyler is just under a year, and perhaps still just under the twenty-pound goal... because we transitioned him to the front facing carseat today. As if he is a real, honest to goodness, big boy.

This is one of my favorite post-baby transitions: from baby carrier to front facing carseat. They spend a whole year watching where we have already traveled, and there is just something great about looking back there and making eye contact. Although there's not much eye contact happening, since he is busy staring out the window he's finally tall enough to see through.

As if that's not enough, Tucker kept reaching across to his little brother, saying, "Hand? Hand? Hand?"

That may not last long, but I'll take what I can get. For now, they love riding beside one another, and there were no arguments of my-side-your-side-quit-breathing-on-me-quit-looking-at-me-Mom-he's-bothering-me.

I'll take it.


Kennedy Krew said...

That's awesome - my girls are starting to fight over who gets shotgun!! Your boys are precious!!

Janet Lorraine said...

I won't tell, but the google police might! ;)