Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cardiology On The Go

One of Tucker's favorite toys is his stethoscope. It seems he is always listening to the heart rate of anyone in our family or any inanimate object in our home. He has a holistic approach to medicine, so he listens to anything he can reach. (He often listens to my heart rate in the back of my knee while I'm fixing dinner.)

Most often, Tyler is his patient, but he has to get a quick check on that heart rate, since Ty is on the go.

(Please pay little attention to Tucker's mismatched outfit. What happens on a Stay-at-Home-Day is not for the fashion photographers of Parenting Magazine.)

1 comment:

Kennedy Krew said...

At least he wears clothes!! If we took pictures at my house - Koleman would have to be x-rated!!