Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things I Love Today.

Today, I love...

...Text messages from my husband, who has settled in to Houston, Texas. Texting is a gift of communication. It shall be our lifeline. Thank you, creators of such quick, easy, poignant technology that connects my heart to his.

...Tucker's sweet wake up call... tapping on my forehead.

...Tyler's new word: Dip. (This is in reference to his breadstick at lunch and the accompanying marinara.)

...Seeking forgiveness from my three year old, after I lost my patience with his selective listening skills and even more selective obedience skills. I do not love seeking forgiveness, but I do love when he spontaneously kisses my nose to grant my request.

...My mom, who so gets my need to run away from my life and the lovable little responsibilities who are swallowing me whole.

...There is a difference between Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease and Hoof-Mouth Disease. My son does not have hooves, and he did not contract his present illness from any creature that does.

...Bookstores. I could live here. Any bookstore, but especially the independent variety that is overflowing with atmosphere, spirit, and the desire to acquire more words in my life.

...The truth that a break from my children makes me a better mom, and I will be glad to see them when it's time to go home.

But it's not time yet.

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