Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Would You Still Be My Wife?"

Football season has officially begun. I really wish I liked football more, but I truly enjoy the social dynamics of the game. And the food. I promise I do.

But I also love my husband's comments and attempts to engage me in a game I'm barely paying attention to.

R: "His last name is Smelly. Would you have married me if my last name was Smelly? Tricia Smelly. Mrs. Smelly. Would you?"

T: "No."

R: "Really? No?"

T: "Really. No. Not even a first date. I had a hard and fast rule in my dating life: never go on a date with a man whose last name you cannot stand. So, no."

R: "What about him? His last name is Succop. Would you have married me if my last name was Succop?"

T: "No. I would never have gone out with a man who would have potentially made me Mrs. Tricia SuckUp."

I was also against anyone with the last name of Fisha or Wisha, but I never met any of those.

Now that we have that question taken care of, back to the football game...


Kennedy Krew said...

Don't you love those hilarious football game conversations?! I mean, seriously, how do their minds work?!

QueenSamiJ said...

Not even connected with Football...but on the token of awful names....I have seen a couple of bad ones. First off...who would name there child Harold when the last name is Dick? Or for that matter Harold Wanker? I have seen both of these. But my absolute favorite was Richard Rectanus. Wow. That's all I got.