Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Measure of Success

Our favorite pizza restaurant boasts the artwork and thank you notes of its many patrons. While we wait for our beloved garlic knots appetizer, we can peruse the work of those who have come before - all on napkins, all framed. It's the benefit of being independently owned - you can decorate your walls however you choose.

There are autographs from Denver athletes, doodles from busy preschoolers, and notes, notes, notes from elementary students. Very charming.

This past weekend, this lovely message hung next to our table:

Dear Big Bill,
Your pizza is the best.
I love the ravioli and the pepperoni pizza best of all.
I have heard you are very successful.
I don't want to be successful.
I want to be a teacher.
Emily, age 9
Hey. Wait a minute. What is this about?? Oh, the paragraphs I could write to overturn this philosophy of success vs. teaching. Frankly, don't get me started.
But she's nine. And I know what she means.
More power to you, sister. The future independent business owners of America need you to be their teacher.


Kathryn said...

That is our favorite pizza place as well! I used to eat a thing of garlic knots on my own in high school. Ironically though, I have ever eaten inside, just take out.

Kennedy Krew said...

I'm with you girl...what?! Teachers are successful!!!!!

my3boys said...

You go, Emily!
Teachers rock!
(if I do say so myself)